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“Get inspired on how to get a makeover for your brick fireplace spending less money!”

Why talk about remodeling a brick fireplace?

  • First of all, the fireplace represents one of the most important focal points of your house: it can balance the whole room-if it’s done right; or throw it totally out of balance if it does not have the well chosen proportions.
  • The scope of “” website is to talk about everything related to walls and home decor: wall paint and colors to choose when painting the house, wallpaper, wall shelves, lighting, tiles, home decor styles. So, fireplaces should have their fair share of discussion.
  • And a personal reason: me and my family, we moved to a new place, that came with 2 gas fireplaces, a brick one and a marble one. The brick fireplace was sticking out like a sore thumb, with its dirty red bricks and ugly mortar in between.Where do I want to go with all these descriptive adjectives for my fireplace??None of us liked it the way it was. It drew all the attention to it, and not in a positive way. Something needed to be changed.

    I did a little research and this is what I found out:

  • Options when considering Brick Fireplace Makeover

  • Option 1: Take out the old fireplace and start from scratch, building a new one. If you go ahead with this option, keep in mind that it will take lots of time, contractors working and rebuilding, and a big mess in that particular room. It also involves lots of planning and most of the time is not a project dor the diy person. It’s the most expensive way of remodeling, but if done properely, results can be spectacular!
  • Option 2: Leave the old fireplace the way it is, and build on top of it. If you enjoy the traditional look of masonry on a new fireplace, but you don’t want the stone or brick work, you can put “faux” stone and brick facing products. They will get attached to the fireplace surrounds using special adhesive. You can create a wide range of appearances, from marble to brick and rough stone, at a lower cost than the complete remodel. Keep in mind that costs are still high, takes time and planning. This refacing can be achieved by a seasoned diy person.
  • Option 3: Refinish your old brick fireplace.For a quick brick fireplace makeover, you can refresh its look by using faux painting techniques, rather than tearing the fireplace out, or re-covering it. This can be achieved at a fraction of the cost compared to options 1 or 2, and in much less time.
  • That is precisely what I did!See below my brick fireplace before and after refinishing:

    If you are interested in using ” Art-For-Your-Walls” Refinishing Services for a fireplace makeover, please complete this contact form, and I will get back to you with a quote, suggest the color that fits best in your room, and create the custom hand-painted fireplace finish that complements your decor!

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